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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

- PDAs_: best Windows Mobile 5.0 non-phone PDA

In my opinion, the Dell Axim X51v PDA wins hands down (as of this writing) in the non-phone Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA category. First, it runs the all-powerful 624MHz Intel PXA270 CPU and comes with 256MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM. Now, don't let the low RAM mislead you. Starting with Windows Mobile 5.0, which X51v is running, all data are stored in the ROM. This means that your programs, documents and data files are all stored in permanent storage (called "persistent memory"). Even with the battery dead, you will not lose a single byte of your precious data. As for the RAM, it is used purely for running applications (e.g. for "allocating memory to objects").

Next is its 480x640 VGA display with 65,536 colors. Although VGA displays are not the mainstream yet, certain applications support it. And when they do, it looks GREAT. The 3.7-inch screen size is the same or larger than most other PDAs. Moreover, with an Intel 2700G graphics accelerator (something not common), the display speed and refresh rate are hard to beat.

Weighing a tad heavy at 6.2 ounce (176g), X51v comes with standard connectivity - 802.11b, BlueTooth and IrDA support - as well as CompactFlash II and SDIO Now! slots for I/O. Pretty standard fare here, except for the additional but optional VGA-Out support (good for presentations).

For all the cool features it has, the Dell Axim X51v PDA is priced extremely competitively. Good work, Dell!

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